the Studio – At Studio Loom we create patterns, colour range pallets and printed products. We offer guidance to fashion, interior design and stationery companies by developing their desired colour range and coordinated patterns and printed products. We also work jointly with companies and professionals in the fields of architecture and urban development, interior decoration and textile products. Our mission at Studio Loom is to facilitate access of Brazilian market to the originality and quality of patterns and products which for a long time have been the exclusive province of the European market. We develop our own collections of patterns quarterly and offer bespoke patterns according to our customers’ specifications. Flexibility, creativity, originality always combined with high technical standards are our words of order at Studio Loom thus ensuring our clients receive unique products at all times as well as products that are personalised and efficient.
creative process – Frequent travelling, relentless research of magazines, books, art exhibitions combined with the expertise of the designer partners are the vantage point that ensures that morethan merely developing designs, we can create unique concepts that gradually take the form of prints and products. At Studio Loom we regard and address every project as unique and challenging of our best. We hold an ample portfolio at Studio Loom but focus on designs that are developed on the basis of traditional drawing and painting methods. Each assignment is carried out using a vast selection of tools (pencils, paints, specific softwares) to ensure that the finishing result is one of a kind. Typically our designs are born of handmade sketches which are then perfected using advanced technology and softwares without however losing the handcrafted quality that makes them unique.